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Stolen by Aliyaria 

1. Your first OC ever?
People of a "book" that I was writing... That poor sad bad writed thing

2. Do you have a personal favorite among your OCs?
I don't like any of my OC's. I hate the most Chelley.

3. Have you ever adopted a character or gotten a character from someone else?
Never, sadly

4. A character you rarely talk about?
I guess it's Gyotra, she's extremaly new

5. If you could make only one of your OCs popular/known, who would it be?
Really? I think Chelley deserve 15 minutes of fame, since all my ideas comes from her

6. Two OCs of yours that look alike despite not being related?
Well, actually, Chelley and Maine look a lot alike, but they are totally not related

7. Are your OCs part of any story or stories?
Yes. I try to make them connected in the same universe and time, it's kinda cool, it's easier to have ideas and make jokes of

8. Do you RP as any of your OCs? If you do, introduce one of your RP OCs here!
I used to roleplay with Chelley, wasn't that much. I don't roleplay anymore, but I miss roleplaying.

9. Would you ever be willing to give any of your OCs to someone else?
Dunno know.

11. Is there any OC of yours you could describe as a “sunshine”?
Lily or Gaya, I guess.

12. Name an OC that isn’t yours but who you like a lot
Well, I do draw a lot Crystal( by IchigoMathy ), she's really cute

13. Do you have any troublemaker OCs?
All my OCs do some trouble, but... I think only Stephen and Bonnie who are really troublemakers

14. Introduce an OC with a tragic backstory:
I don't think is tragic,but Chelley's mother comitted suicide afther burning all documents and leving Chelley on her own with 10 years old. Yeah, pretty original

15. Do you like to talk about your OCs with other people?
I like to hear the people's ones.

16. Which one of your OCs would be the best at biology (school subject)?
Chelley, she's nerd

17. Any OC OTPs?
Well, that's a secret

18. Any OC crackships?
lol, totally LilyxChelley, 2 shy things, 2 lolis and 1 ribbon

19. Introduce an OC that means a lot to you (and explain why)
Chelley. I feel pity for her.

20. Do any of your OCs sing? If they sing, care to share more details (headcanon voice, what kind of songs they like etc)?
Chelley, since she was my utau... I don't even know if she is a utau anymore...

21. Your most artistic OC?
God, I need new ocs or all the awnsers will be Chelley

22. Is there any OC of yours people tend to mischaracterize? If yes, how?
Citney. People think he's a heartbreaker, but he's just the perfect guy.

23. Introduce an OC that has changed from your first idea concerning what the character would be like?
Citney, he's supposed to be a REALLY calm guy, serious and your best and only quality to be your sense of justice, oh, and passive. Now he's active and more like really him, but really serious. Totally straghit ok?

24. If you could meet one OC of yours, who would it be and why?
Bonnie, so she could kill me already
jk, Chelley, so I ncould give her a hug, she diserve that

25. The OC that resembles you the most (same hobby, height, shared like/dislike for something etc?)

26. Have you ever had to change your OC’s design or something else about them against your will?

27. Any OCs that were inspired by a certain song?
Yes, most of them are. Gyotra - Bluemankraz and Lily - CANDY CANDY

28. Your most dangerous OC?
The most dangerous is Bonnie. I dreammed her, When she is wake, better run, she'll kill you either way.

30. Which one of your OCs would most likely have a secret stuffed animal collection?
Gyotra, since she's the crazy one.

31. Pick one OC of yours and explain what their tumblr blog would be like (what they reblog, layout, anything really)
Chelley would tottaly reblog songs and post poems or even her musics.

32. Which one of your OCs would be the most suitable horror game protagonist and why?
Actually, Maine and Bonnie would be perfect for one, their history is pure horror

33. Your shyest OC?

34. Do you have any twin characters?
yep, Mia, Lia and Kia

35. Any sibling characters?
Chelley and Citney
And Citney and his dead sister.

36. Do you have OC pairs where the other part belongs to someone else (siblings, lovers, friends etc)?
Yes, but not official, just for fun

37. Introduce an OC who is not quite human

38. Which one of your OCs would be the best dancer?
Citney, totallyyyyy loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

39. Introduce any character you want:

40. Any fond memories linked to your characters? Feel free to share!

41. Has anyone drawn fanart of your OCs? If yes, maybe show a picture or two here (remember sources & permissions!)
Yes <3 Better to check out IchigoMathy 's Gallery

42. Which one of your OCs would be the most interested in Greek gods?
Haha, totally Carolina and Chelley...
Parece que a Grecia está em crise...

43. Do you have any certain type when you create your OCs? Do you tend to favour some certain traits or looks? It’s time to confess.
Yes, yes, I really like to. I like to create gothic cloting to them, it's fun and relates to me.

44. Something you like about your OCs in general:
Dunno... Really!

45. A character you no longer use?
Well...It's Marcela

46. Has anyone ever told you that you treat your OCs badly?
Yes... A lot...
They deserve more pain

47. Has anyone ever (friendly) claimed any of your OCs as their child?
I don't belive so!²

48. OC who is a perfect cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure:
Bonnie, totally

49. Which one of your OCs would most likely enjoy memes?
None haha

50. Give me the good ol’ OC talk here. Talk about anything you want:

I hate Chelley :stare:
[WIP] Schizophrenic by Larissinhaaah
[WIP] Schizophrenic
torso fails yays

Looks like Chelley really likes to loose her mind
that's okay, she really likes it

i dunno if i'm going to finish that
Wondering by Larissinhaaah
doing some stuff
trying out new things with just a blur and maker in sai

Chelley in one of her versions...
Can't stand it by Larissinhaaah
Can't stand it
i told ya, she's really dumb Upset  can't stand it

A school doodle...

Yes, i'm totally crazy


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